Sea Level and Climate Research Team

Sea-level variability has a significant environmental and socio-economic impact on coastal regions. Presently, most important risks come from two phenomena: the slow but continuous sea level rise derived from global warming, and eventual modifications in the nature and distribution of extreme events derived from changes in the storminess of climate. Also extreme events such as tsunamis and meteotsunamis are under the focus of present research. Further knowledge on these phenomena is required in order to predict their impacts and, if necessary, to set up mitigation strategies.

This web page intends to compile and disseminate the Sea Level and Climate research carried out within the department of Ecology and Marine Resources at IMEDEA. The motivation comes from the need to share the results of our research with the scientific community and with any other sector of the society potentially interested in them. On the scientific side, the results presented here are expected to be of interest for scientists working on coastal processes and for those interested in climate research in the broader sense, including impacts on marine ecosystems The products generated as part of our research are expected to be useful for an even wider community including consultants, coastal engineers, coastal and open sea managers and policy makers.

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